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Hi I’m JoHannes Michelsen and I would like to welcome you to my website. I am a full time professional woodturner and have been producing woodturned art for over 30 years.  This site is dedicated to two things, the woodturning teaching that we do here in Manchester Vermont at the “Johannes Michelsen School of Woodturning” and to the presentation of new works of art. I have had my woodhats on www.woodhat.com as art and as hats; on this site you will see my new direction with more pure art for arts sake vessels and other wood turned artwork. You will also see a few hats from time to time because there are “hyper” hats which are considered as fine art.

The Woodhat is still the main teaching focus here at the woodturning school; but we also often feature other exceptional woodturning instructors. Graeme Priddle has been here twice and is returning this year as well. I also intend to offer some beginner and advanced “Master” courses. Once there is demand we will also offer courses pertaining to the suspended vessels and the amphorae style little pots. So if you like what you see, speak up and let us know we are easy to get in touch with. Email us here with this contact form or call us at the studio anytime 802-362-3481

On this website you will also find links to our other web sites www.FromTheHeartStudios.net which will act as our “mother site” when I say our I mean me in concert with my wife Deb Fanelli, “From the Heart” is the name of our studios here in Manchester. Deb will have her own site www.DebFanelli.com dedicated to her “high art” spoons and metalsmithing.

I also have HannesTool.com where you can learn more about and purchase my line of “Ergonomic Woodturning Tools” and other tools of my own invention, design and manufacture. We also offer unique collection of  “hard to find” products from other manufacturers that I consider, “The Right Stuff” that leads to a good wood turning experience.

I will be regularly updating my blog here on this website, be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or just check back for all the exciting updates, photos and stories.

Please take your time, have a good time and hopefully enjoy what you see.

Don’t forget to check out our other websites as well!



It was fun to watch you demonstrate again in Middletown, and I realize it's time for me to write the promised testimonial about your workshops. Maybe it's past time, but I haven't been sure of how to say something that would do justice to how I felt about my experience in your class. After a couple of symposiums I have a little more perspective on what's out there, and it's clear now how lucky I was to have your class as a starting point. Here are some thoughts I figured it might be best to "tell the story" Click Here to Read The Entire Story
Heath Boyer